Fri. May 20th, 2022

Stokes, who suffered a side strain injury in the Sydney test, is still looking forward to recovering in time to play in the 5th test. He has undergone treatment and has received scans that will help the medical professionals monitor his situation in a better manner. James Anderson has provided important updates regarding Stokes’ fitness.

“He’s already saying it feels a little better. He’s still planning on taking part in the fifth test. According to Anderson, Stokes’ determination to play despite discomfort demonstrated his dedication to the squad. It shows how much he values being a part of this team even if we’re down 3-0. It would be simple for him to say, “I’ve pulled my side. I’ll go home and fix it. If you’ve never pulled your side, you have no idea how painful it is. You can feel it with every breath. Certain actions are excruciatingly unpleasant. ”

Stokes couldn’t bowl further in the match but made significant contributions with his willow. He made 60 runs and helped his team to draw the match for good. The next and final match is set to be hosted in Hobart. Sadly, England has already lost the series but will be looking to play the final match for their pride.

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