Fri. May 20th, 2022

BCCI is facing a major responsibility to change the schedule of the IPL 2022 auction and they are likely to delay it much further and the reason to change it is not due to covid-19.

The ownership of the Ahmedabad franchise to be taken by CVC Capital has created major issues. CVC Capital, an American firm, beat out the Adani Group to buy the Ahmedabad franchise for INR 5,625 crores during the team auction. However, it was eventually revealed that the corporation had invested in two betting companies, causing widespread outrage.

CVC has become rightful owners of their franchise but the delay is only caused by the legal experts to draft a proper rights agreement. All the teams have released their retention list and an additional 15 days have been given to the new franchises to sign their players.

BCCI is considering making Mumbai the sole venue for IPL 2022, even though it can be argued that BCCI has chosen the only city in the entire country to host IPL, where the rise of covid cases is flaming with ferocious intensity. The option of hosting it in the UAE is not kept on the table as the WC and a better part of IPL 2021 was held there and a lot of revenue streams got diverted to the gulf nation.

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