Fri. May 20th, 2022

Sri Lanka Cricket Board is going through turmoil as one of its crucial batters Bhanuka Rajapaksa has announced retirement from international cricket. He wrote a resignation letter to SLC in which he stated that family responsibilities and stricter fitness policies by the Sri Lankan cricket board were one of the major reasons for his retirement. He was even involved in a dispute condemning the selection standards and policies after he was excluded due to fitness issues.

Bhanuka’s footprint in the cricketing world was nonetheless a modest one. He has played 5 ODI’s and 18 T20I’s from the time he made his debut in 2019. He has already received opposition from Lasith Malinga who has asked him to reconsider his retirement. “Representing your country at the International level is not an easy task and players always face so many challenges. I truly believe that @BhanukaRajapaka has a lot more to give to Sri Lankan cricket and I request him to reconsider his decision to retire from international cricket”, Malinga writes in a tweet.

Among the many draconian fitness regulations that were introduced by the board, some of them were, “Players will now be required to run 2 kilometers in a minimum of 8.10 minutes, down from 8.55 minutes last year, which had been raised from an initial benchmark of 8.35 minutes due to player complaints. Players who run less than 8.10 minutes will be eligible for selection, while those who run more than 8.35 minutes will be eligible but will have a portion of their contract pay removed. In the meantime, skinfold test benchmarks have dropped from 85 to 70.” It can be understood that even skillful batter like Bhanuka could succumb to fitness policies such as these and take big steps like retirement.

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