Fri. May 20th, 2022

The Cricket West Indies (CWI) announced a unique window for the competition the day after the Indian Premier League‘s (IPL) mega auction ended, stating that all West Indies players would be accessible. The league is slated to take place between the end of March and the end of May.

“The CWI has set out a window for the event in its ICC FTP each year, as well as guaranteed it to the players in their retainer contracts, ensuring that West Indies players are completely available to compete in the IPL each year. The IPL 2022 is set to take place in April and May of 2022”, the board issued a statement.

The 14 West Indians selected by IPL teams at the February 12-13 Bangalore auction, together with three retained players, make up the league’s greatest contingent of overseas players from any country other than India. The cumulative valuation of the West Indies players in the IPL, including the three retained players – Kieron Pollard, Sunil Narine, and Andre Russell-is over Rs 81 crore.

CWI president Ricky Skerritt congratulated the players, calling the IPL the greatest league in the world. “I’d want to congratulate all of the West Indies players who have signed contracts with the IPL’s different teams, which is the world’s largest and most profitable T20 franchise league. But I’d like to congratulate the younger players who have signed their first full IPL contracts. This demonstrates a strong belief in rising West Indian potential. I continue to think that our players may find good jobs in other countries while still being able to contribute positively to the West Indies cricket system”, the CWI’s president said.

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