Sat. May 21st, 2022

Following the publication of its findings in the wake of Azeem Rafiq’s charges against Yorkshire, a committee that has examined racism in English cricket has said that they must commit to cleaning up their act so as to qualify for any support from the government in the future.

Racial discrimination was brought to the light by Azeem Rafiq, who said that he faced racial abuse in Yorkshire and was on the brink of suicide because of it. He said, “All I wanted to do was play cricket for England and realise my dream and my family’s dream. Do I feel racism caused me to lose my job? I do, in fact. ”

The report from the committee says, “It is obvious to us that there is a deep-seated issue of racism in cricket. More importantly, Yorkshire Country Sports Club and the England and Wales Cricket Board are aware that racism exists in cricket. We, like the minister, are keeping a close eye on the cricket and are determined to see that it cleans up its act. We urge that the government condition any future public funding for cricket on continued, proven progress in eliminating racism in both the dressing rooms and the stands. ”

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