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India has some very talented cricketers who have produced some of the best performances in the history of test cricket. India has produced some great cricket players in its history and several of them have set records that will never be broken. India has some of the best players in the world, and they’ve made their country proud by making amazing contributions to test cricket, one of the oldest forms of cricket played in international matches.

India has produced many great cricketers in all formats of the game but it was in Test cricket where they were able to achieve their highest score so far is 759/7d against England at Chennai on December 16, 2016. Now let’s talk about India’s highest test score in test cricket, here are the top 10 records of all-time highest test score by India.

10 India’s Highest Score in Test Cricket
Score Overs RR Inns Opposition Ground Match Date Scorecard
759/7d 190.4 3.98 2 v England Chennai 16 Dec 2016 Test # 2241
726/9d 163.3 4.44 2 v Sri Lanka Mumbai (BS) 2 Dec 2009 Test # 1937
707 225.2 3.13 2 v Sri Lanka Colombo (SSC) 26 Jul 2010 Test # 1966
705/7d 187.3 3.76 1 v Australia Sydney 2 Jan 2004 Test # 1680
687/6d 166.0 4.13 1 v Bangladesh Hyderabad (Deccan) 9 Feb 2017 Test # 2249
676/7 167.1 4.04 2 v Sri Lanka Kanpur 17 Dec 1986 Test # 1061
675/5d 161.5 4.17 1 v Pakistan Multan 28 Mar 2004 Test # 1693
664 170.0 3.9 1 v England The Oval 9 Aug 2007 Test # 1842
657/7d 178.0 3.69 3 v Australia Kolkata 11 Mar 2001 Test # 1535
649/9d 149.5 4.33 1 v West Indies Rajkot 4 Oct 2018 Test # 2319

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