Sat. May 21st, 2022

An Australian newspaper has revealed the contents of Langer’s resignation letter to Nick Hockley, who is CA’s chief. According to cricbuzz, the letter said that it was in everyone’s best interest for Langar to resign and make things easier for the board to move on.

The letter stated, “Over the last year, there has been a lot of speculation in the media about my future as the Australian men’s cricket coach, which has taken a huge toll on my family. I hope that I have conducted myself with honesty and decency during this period and during my term. I was given a short-term contract last night till the end of the T20 World Cup in Australia with the intention of ‘going out on a high.’ I have decided not to accept this contract renewal after careful thought, and as a consequence, I feel it is in everyone’s best interests for the Australian cricket team to move on to the next chapter as soon as possible”.

“Several senior players and a few of the support staff, if media reports are right, do not support me continuing ahead, and it is now clear that the CA board, as well as you, Nick, want to see the squad go down a different path. That is a decision I respect. I’ve formed my life on the ideals of honesty, respect, trust, truth, and performance, and I apologize if it comes across as ‘too intense at times”.

Sometimes it becomes really difficult to see such talented coaches, like Langer, become targets of cricket politics and internal conflicts.



Source: India's most trusted News Network

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