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The race that was once upon a time, a favorite sport entertainment for the royals of Mangalore continues to be the horse race of Dakshina Kannada after the court ordered the races to be held sans violence. The buffalos and their masters hit the slush track in unity and good spirit as the whip that used to make shivers of guilt run down the spine of animal lovers is no more a part of the sport.

The Kambala Samithi holds numerous races between the months of November and March. The festival is glamorized with colorful stalls, street food and excitement of the spectators.

Depending on the town it is held in, the location is often a serene riverside, temple premises or a field. Some of the upcoming dates and details are given below. Witnessing the mighty Kambala sport should be put down on one’s bucket list if they are to come down south of Karnataka.


*featured image: Astro Mohan

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