Sat. May 21st, 2022

Virat Kohli resigned from captaincy in the test format. This decision came after India lost the test series against South Africa last month. While Rohit Sharma remained the favourite because of his recent promotion to vice-captaincy in the red-ball format and his expertise, many others favoured KL Rahul and Rishabh Pant as long-term options.

On the eve of his maiden assignment as India’s full-time ODI captain, Rohit remarked of his Test leadership responsibilities, “There’s time for that. I’m primarily interested in limited-overs cricket. It’s crucial to keep track of your workload. I’m not planning ahead of time. We may lose a few series as a result of the necessity to continuously replace players, but we’re prepared. There isn’t much that needs to be changed. All we have to do now is adjust to our new surroundings. For more than a few days, we’ve been playing excellent one-day cricket. There’s no reason to be concerned just because one series has been lost. The SA series provides a “wealth of knowledge”.

Even Ricky Ponting has urged Sharma to take up the captaincy role and lead India. Ricky says, “With what he’s done with the Mumbai Indians since then, I believe the proof is in the pudding. He’s been a great leader there, and he’s also been a great leader in India in a few instances”.

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