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A Butterfly Park That’s Home To 118 Species

Sammilan Shetty is a born nature lover, who spent his childhood exploring the valleys of Western Ghats, stalking birds and admiring fishes in the streams. His passion now lives as a butterfly park that’s home to over 118 species of butterflies. The affair with butterflies began with a project assigned by his zoology teacher at Alva’s college, Moodabidri.

Fluttering in the Kanthavara forest between the two towns of Moodabidri and Karkala, are rare and protected species of butterflies in every pattern and color unimaginable. Shetty takes special interest in visitors and shows them around the place, sharing with you, the treasures of his lifetime’s findings. This park, which was founded in 2011, is best visited between July and November. August and September being the best time as flowers of the spring seduce all sorts of these ‘winged jewels’ as Shetty calls them.

Year round, photographers explore this section of the forest to get their best clicks and finds, while for those wanting to see the beauty of Western Ghats, this park brings you closer to these angels of the woods.

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