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Do you have an interesting, informative article that would be perfect to submit to my site? To make sure we are able to consider your submission, please read the following guidelines carefully, and then submit your guest post or article using the form below. I look forward to hearing from you!

If you want to be certain that your Guest Post or Article submission is accepted, follow these  simple steps:

1. Focus on quality over quantity.

High-quality content is more likely to attract attention from an editor—and it’s also more likely to have staying power with readers once it goes live on your guest post partner’s site.

2. Tailor each piece of content for its specific audience.

  • Don’t submit a how-to guide about SEO if your reader base is made up mostly of seasoned web marketers; they probably already know everything in your guide and will move on quickly.
  • Make sure every piece of content includes a short bio about you and a way for them to connect with you online (your Twitter handle, Facebook page URL, etc.).
  • Let people know when you submit a new piece of content by using a link in your social media marketing efforts. For example, tweet something like Just submitted my latest [article/guest post/etc.] via @blog or website url here
  • Remember that, like any good relationship between two parties, the mutual benefit comes into play here. What can YOU offer to get YOUR articles/guest posts/etc accepted?

3. Follow up!

If you don’t hear back after submitting a piece of content, give it at least two weeks before following up. You may need to wait even longer for online-only publications since many of them are heavily backlogged with submissions. After three months go by without receiving an answer, try posting on their public forum section first before trying again—this gives you another chance to showcase your expertise within their target community while showing that what matters most is delivering helpful advice rather than personal recognition.

4. Article Should be free from Spelling errors and Typos

If you are wondering how to get your guest post accepted, here are some tips for making your piece stand out. First of all, make sure it is free of any spelling errors and typos. You can easily use a tool like Grammarly or Hemingway App to check it. Second, don’t just regurgitate what was already written on the site you want to contribute to—that’s not exactly unique content!

Do your research first on what similar articles have been written about on that website so that you have a unique perspective. Lastly, proofread again before submitting it to be published online! Get help from a professional proofreader if necessary!


We will review your submission

To have a chance of being published, your writing must pass a number of tests. First, it must be thorough—if we can’t tell you’ve really researched and understood your topic, we won’t trust what you say in your post. Second, it needs to be engaging. We want readers to enjoy reading about your topic; if they don’t understand what you say or get bored quickly, that doesn’t work for us. And finally, we need to think it fits with our audience.

This is simple: if there are topics other people on our site write about more often than yours, we’re unlikely to publish yours as well. If you haven’t heard back from us after a couple of weeks, feel free to send an email asking how things are going; we don’t guarantee reviews will take exactly two weeks (or any time at all!), but two weeks should provide ample time for reviews if reviews ever happen at all! Here’s hoping yours make it through! Good luck!

If you are an expert in your field who would like to promote your expertise by contributing to an online publication, you’ll want to make sure your submission gets accepted first. There are few things worse than dedicating hours of writing only to find out the submission was rejected after all! Here are some tips on how to submit guest posts and articles for free to make sure your submission gets accepted every time

As much as we’d love to feature your content and give you a boost of exposure, we, unfortunately, can’t just take any guest post/article we receive. If you want your work to be featured on our site, please read these guidelines before sending us an email with your piece attached. Make sure that it meets our criteria! Read more about writing for Pursuing Symmetry here.

Once your article or guest post is finished, ask someone else who knows how to write well for feedback. Tell them what you are trying to do in specific terms—i.e., I am trying to convince readers that x because y—and ask them what would strengthen or weaken your argument or impact it.

Then re-write based on their advice. Submit your final draft to Pursuing Symmetry directly, attaching it as a Word document (.doc). Include a link back to your website (or wherever people should go if they want more information from you) at the end of your writing sample.

If we like what we see, we will send you a confirmation email letting you know that your piece has been accepted and added to our schedule. However, please note that due to time constraints and the volume of submissions, not every submission will be published.

There is no guarantee or promise that your writing will appear on Pursuing Symmetry; however, it will remain in consideration until either accepted or rejected. You may submit an unlimited number of times, but understand that once you have submitted one essay to Pursuing Symmetry, you cannot submit again unless both pieces are significantly different.

We define significantly different as having significantly different conclusions, arguments, supporting evidence, etc. Do not resubmit something identical except with minor changes or corrections to grammar/spelling. T

hat said, previously accepted writers are welcome to submit new material at any time. Thank you so much for submitting and good luck! If we choose to publish your piece, Pursuing Symmetry retains full ownership over all copyrights and publishing rights regarding your writing. By submitting an essay through our contact form, you acknowledge and agree that no ownership over copyrights or publishing rights pertaining to any submitted materials transfer upon acceptance of such by Pursuing Symmetry.

In accordance with Pursuing Symmetry’s Terms of Service, users hereby grant to Pursuing Symmetry a non-exclusive license to display, modify, distribute, and otherwise use submitted works under Pursuing Symmetry’s Terms of Service. The user also agrees not to submit material that violates copyright laws or breaches confidential agreements.

Frequently asked questions

To make it easier for other writers and bloggers, we’ve put together a list of questions and answers regarding our submission process. If you still have questions after reading through these Q&As, please feel free to drop us a line. We’re more than happy to help!

How do I submit my article?

Great question! It’s actually really easy to submit a guest post. Just send us your completed, proofread work. Once it passes our editorial team’s inspection, we’ll publish it! Make sure you provide all relevant information about your company and credentials. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

How To Write a Great Pitch For Your Guest Posts?

Tips on Submitting a Guest Post to a Publishing Site

A guest posting strategy is one of the best ways to grow your brand and increase traffic to your website and should be part of any online marketing plan. When you want to submit an article to a publishing site, there are certain factors that can help or hinder its acceptance and success after it has been posted. It’s crucial to follow these tips on submitting a guest post so you can increase your chances of getting published as well as drive more traffic back to your site through links back from the publishing site.

The best way to get your guest post published is by having an incredible pitch. The pitch should capture exactly what you want to talk about and why that’s relevant for your potential audience, who you want it published on and why, and what kind of tone and style will be best for readers. It should also include all of your contact information so people can reach out if they like your idea or want more information!

There are a few things you should know before submitting a guest post, and yes, your pitch is one of them. Get your pitch right and your chances of getting accepted will increase dramatically. Here’s how you do it

1. Keep it brief

Keep It Brief One of the biggest mistakes people make when writing their pitch is that they go into too much detail about every aspect of what they are offering. Your potential editor doesn’t care whether or not you have written a book before, they only care if you can write a great guest post for them right now. Spend less time trying to convince your editor that you would be a great fit and more time convincing them that if given an opportunity, you will deliver great content

2. Make sure you include everything they want to see in their posts in yours

Include Everything They Want To See When Asking For A Guest Post How many times has someone asked you for something specific only to hear you say, Well I wasn’t thinking of doing exactly that but if I did it might look like… Then there goes your idea down the drain. There are some things that just don’t work together no matter how hard we try so don’t over think yourself into overdelivering. The easiest way to get around having to think up new ideas is by simply following whatever guidelines your prospective host sets out.

3. Write with your target audience in mind

Write With The Target Audience In Mind Do not create something so generic that even your mum would love it because chances are she won’t read it anyway. Come up with a title and topic combination which appeals directly to your readership, while still being applicable enough for others to enjoy reading as well.

4. Give them a reason why they should choose you for their post

Give Them A Reason Why They Should Choose You As Their Next Contributor You are not submitting your own guest post, you are submitting to have it published somewhere online under someone else’s name. This means that unless you do something completely off-the-wall stupid, there really isn’t any reason why they shouldn’t publish your piece. But you need to tell them all of these reasons so they know exactly what kind of value they are getting for inviting you into their site. Showing them that there is already demand for your work could also help tip the scales in your favor.

5. Stay true to yourself and your brand

Stay True To Yourself & Your Brand Like I said before, come up with a guest post idea that does not stray too far from who you are and what your readers know to expect from you. Those who already follow you will be expecting continuity; those who find out about you through your submitted guest post could very well become regular followers depending on how interesting (and useful) your contribution was

6. Don’t push it

Don’t Push It I understand that you are excited and feel like if you don’t submit your guest post today, someone else will beat you to it. DON’T PANIC!! Whatever is happening in your life that is making you nervous, freaking out and putting unnecessary pressure on yourself needs to stop. If it doesn’t then at least stop talking about it so much. If you are so focused on your guest post that you are not paying attention to what is going on in your actual business, take a step back and reevaluate why you are so dead set on it. Putting so much pressure on yourself to succeed will not lead to long term success, take my word for it. Think about if for a second. . Follow their submission requirements. Your pitching process will fall flat if you don’t cover all of their required details.

7. Be Professional & Respectful

Be Professional & Respectful If you’re sending an unsolicited guest post, it’s important to be respectful of your potential publisher. Whether you’re publishing on your own site or you’re using someone else’s site as a platform, don’t send an unedited, unprofessional piece. It makes you look bad and can damage your reputation.

8. Research, Research, Research

Well-researched articles are much more likely to get accepted. Proofread Your Article: Make sure you have cleaned up your writing and edited out any typos or grammatical errors before you submit. Submit Specific Articles for Specific Sites: Make sure that your content is a good fit for each site you choose to submit it. Finding sites that accept quality guest posts can be hard so doing your research will save you time in the long run

9. Keep it relevant!​

The most important thing you need to do is edit your work. That’s right, I said edit your work. You don’t have to be an amazing writer—just make sure that what you say makes sense and doesn’t read like a random collection of words thrown together.


Do your research before you submit your guest post. If there’s a lot of other content about guest posting from that site, you’ll have better luck getting published. Make sure you have enough information for an original piece and focus it around their reader base. Keep in mind that we want quality posts that provide value for their audience, so just taking a standard press release won’t cut it. Be unique and stand out from other posts while still being useful to their readership.