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VG Siddhartha’s death has left a void in all of us. The Cafe Coffee Day founder started his journey from growing coffee plantation to having Cafe Coffee stores in more than 200 cities across the nation.

The Entrepreneurial journey of an individual is often highly romanticized, with the likes of millionaires and billionaires story being told for motivational purposes. With the death of Cafe Coffee Day’s founder, we understand that the journey is not a piece of cake, that you always move against the tide and no more than a few cups of coffee is needed to help you stay awake to do the grinding of being an entrepreneur.

The lonely road to success of any entrepreneur is obviously not guaranteed and only the brave do it, fighting against all odds, winning, losing, winning and losing more. The sacrifices that one makes to get to a point in their entrepreneurial life cannot be stated with words. When the going gets tough, you make yourself tough. Failures are supposed to be embraced and not feared or showed disdain upon.

Running a business is not always black and white — profits and losses, but so much more. It’s a lifestyle that you choose, a mark that you carry on your shoulders and an opportunity you create for yourself and others. It’s an instance that gives you high when you’ve achieved your day’s targets and a journey that never ends. Although the person who started it may not be there, the idea remains and carries towards infinity. 

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