Sat. May 21st, 2022

The Australian Test captain Tim Paine stated the tour will go forward regardless of talks about tight COVID-19 quarantine restrictions, despite England players voicing reservations over the impending Ashes series. International arrivals are capped in Australia, and even fully vaccinated visitors must stay in a hotel for 14 days.

England captain Joe Root, vice-captain Jos Buttler, and pacer Stuart Broad are among the players who have expressed their concerns and asked for reassurance that their families will be able to accompany them to the series, which begins on December 8 in Brisbane.

The tourists’ concerns about quarantine concessions, biosecurity limitations, bubble fatigue, and family support have been a talking point in recent months, with the visitors apprehensive about England’s participation in cricket‘s showpiece Test series. Paine, who is recovering from neck surgery and expected to play many games for Tasmania before the Ashes begin, questioned whether any England players are truly nervous about travelling overseas.

“The Ashes will be played whether Joe is here or not, the first test is on Dec. 8,” Paine told radio station SEN Hobart.

Former England batsman Kevin Pietersen has stated that if England players are subjected to any limitations, they should not travel. “I have no intention of visiting The Ashes this winter. There’s no way! “,he stated in a tweet.

Paine, in response to the same, remarked, “Kevin Pietersen can provide you with information on every issue in the world. He knows everything there is to know about something.”

“We haven’t heard a single England player indicate they won’t be attending. I believe it has been beaten up, and people like Kevin prefer gaining some publicity in the media “, he added.






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