Sat. May 21st, 2022

Virat Kohli has given interesting insights into his early days with RCB in the IPL. He was chosen by the franchise during the inaugural season due to his impressive performance in the U-19 tournament, and since then, he has stuck with the team through thick and mostly thin, all these years. He has played a total of 207 games for RCB, and it was not surprising news for anyone when the franchise decided to retain him for the upcoming season as well.

In a report by crictracker, Kohli reflected on his time in the 2011 season of the IPL when he was informed that he was the only player retained by the franchise. Kohli says, “I recall Ray Jennings and Siddharth Mallya approaching me while we were playing in the Champions League in South Africa, saying that they wanted to keep only me and form a new squad around me. That’s fantastic, and that’s the chance I’m searching for, I said. I made it plain to them that there was only one condition: I would bat at No. 3 and nowhere else. They agreed that that was fair enough. I believed I could contribute something unique to the team. Accepting the responsibilities was not a difficulty for me”.

“It was on and off for the first three years, with a performance here and there. It wasn’t as free-flowing and constant as I’d hoped. I was playing No. 3 for India and RCB in the IPL, but I didn’t get to do it for RCB. It was an odd position for me since I felt like I could repeat and perhaps improve on my India performances here”, he concluded.



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